Hi, I am Divya Sharma, thanks for stopping by

Who am I?

I grew up living in five different countries and changing schools every few years to find myself surrounded by completely different cultures, languages, and people. The more I changed countries the more comfortable I became in not staying in one place. Eventually, living with new people and customs became enjoyable and thrilling. Instead of making me feel uncomfortable and fearful, it brought a joyous feeling and that’s when I started to crave it.

Why the Blog and Whats in it for you?

I’m in the sophomore year of my Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and I have always liked writing, it helps me express myself better even though writing till now was strictly limited to my diary, unlike now, a public platform.  Blogging would also help me go back in time and relive my memories. It also gives a sense of achievement and the feeling of building something which is pretty satisfying so I thought why not? Let’s try something new! 🙂

In every new country our family moved to, people were always eager to hear about stories and what’s it like in other countries, know about the food, the people, the traditions. We all like feeling connected and the stories connect us to people and places we haven’t met or seen. My Blog will hopefully help you get inspired and motivate you to travel. Fight the fear of new places and replace it with all that the world has to give to you. There’s so much out there waiting to be explored, all you have to do is put on your traveling boots! Factors like money and busy schedules should not stop you from seeing the world, there is always a way, you only need to put yourself out there and take a few risks.

I’m here to tell you all I have learned from my experiences till now and help you save money while you’re at it.


Where have I been?

I was born in Germany, lived in Peru, India, Lebanon and Algiers. I have traveled to Greece, Paris, London, New York, Dubai, a few islands near the coast of Athens like Mykonos, Aegina, Poros and Hydra.

The first question people usually ask me is “Which one of these places was your favorite?” It’s hard to choose one but I have fond memories of Peru, Lebanon, and Greece.

Till now, traveling was a privilege since it came as a gift from my parents and their job. However, they helped in making traveling a choice now. One thing I learned from the traveling so far, was that we all need a comfortable place that we can call home. Traveling brings thrill and joy but home brings comfort and a sense of belonging. I want to travel the world and the seven seas but in the end, have a warm comfortable nest to return to. Of course, this is a personal choice and we should all follow what our heart likes.

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